Sunday, February 10, 2008


I haven't listened much to Ghanaian music in the past but I'm trying to fix that w/Mr Music Man , a Ghanaian legend winner of the Kora Awards in 2003 ...that's to say that if he's being recognized he must be how soft his voice is on a reggae/afro pop mixed in w/a bit of African rythm and 1 bit of soul is...yeah in his music u find all these very distinctive styles...

It's funny because looking at him one could expect a different voice, w/his dreads and scarf...i'll be honest and say i was suprised...i love how each one of his videos have themes to them...
He's very respected in Ghana today even though the younger generations are feelin the new cats such as Ofori ,Batman..ect...but hey they are here today because people like him lead the way...he's known to be 1 great live performer..maybe I'll get 2 chance 2 see him live 1 day and let u know..

Here's his official webbie:

Loved the video for the song Bra:

Here's another video:

Djaa my people from Ghana never stop surprising me :)
Eyeee Wayee:)

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