Sunday, February 10, 2008


Akon & Sylvia R. very powerful woman in the industry, president of Motown Records

Akon doin the anual pre-Grammy party

Akon & rapper Paul Wall

2night is the night...we shall see if our Senegalese brotha will be blessed w/1 of those special matter what gotta say that this African brotha is doin' his thang..i love how he's well accepted within the industry..he's done some mistakes..but haven't we all?!! I hope he learned from it ..and will keep shining for us..because no matter what he's 1 great symbol of African/International success!!

2night he's nominated for:
- Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals for "the Sweetest Escape"w/Gwen Stephany (click on the song title 2 see the video)
- Best Contemporary R&B Album for "Konvicted"
- Best Rap Collabo for "I Wanna Love u" w/Snoop (click on the song title to see the video)

His official webbie:

The Grammy's official webbie:

Here's also 1 video/interview of him before the Grammy's:

Wishing him good luck 2nite:)
Eyee Wayeee:)

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