Monday, February 04, 2008


Who said that there were no African female players within the WNBA...if you don't know , now u know....

Astou Ndiaye Diatta was born 34 years ago in Kaolack Senegal..she's been balling for 1 while now, she's still part of the National Senegalese team and playing forward in the States for the Seattle Storm...She states on their webbie that she has
over 20 sibblings..we are used to big families here in Afirika but regardless it's still impressive...

Her team nickamed her "Stoussy", she admires Hakeem O.for his bball skills, and sees herself after she retires from her bball career doing business btw the States & Afrika..
All I know is that it's mad cool to see an African sista reppin on the court:)

So I say go N0 them what u got Fabulafricana ball player:)
Eyee Wayeee:)

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Anonymous said...

hey astou. am just a kenyan who just like seeing a fellow african succeedng in life. i play basketball too. was named player of the year. hoping to play in the wnba one day. looking at ya makes me smile every morning. dont be suprised you might be someones favourite