Monday, February 04, 2008


lovely tones of blue and grey...

Duafe handbags collection...ladies make your choices

I like this 1 a lot

ohhh...this 1 is adorable as well..

Purple anybody..for whatever reason this reminds me of Ivorian jewelry

Great for everyday use.....

Touch of red

First of all I may say that I had never heard of the word Duafe before...and now thanks to u miss Hannah, I am learning som' new..:)

So Duafe is "a la base" a Ghanaian comb made of wood that most women on the west side of Africa used in early generations & still use ...
It's really cool that Hannah used this beauty reference as the name of her line....a way of reppin for her Salone culture..
Hannah designs cushion covers, jewelry, table accessories..and these lovely
"original 1 of 1 kind "Salone"pieces...

I love how spacious & unique looking they are...don't know about u , but i love me some room in my handbag for the extra junk that I am always carrying....:)

Hannah is def' a Fabulafricana woman..check this out she's both 1 journalist & 1 designer...
both professions require a lot of work and attention to chapeau sista...!!!!

If you would like2 get in touch w/our 100% Salone sista, here's her email address

Djaaa my Salone sistas are Fabulafricana women to the fullest:)
Eyeeee Wayeee:)


guili said...

I love the purple one. It' s gorgeous.

Fixture said...

I love red so I choose the red one ;))

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