Saturday, February 16, 2008


So happy when I'm able to speak about someone from a part of Africa that I don't know much about, Housni M'Kouboi was born 31 years ago in the Comoros Islands before moving to the projects of Paris..there he learned about the negative conditions African & Arabic people are living in his texts he often speak about the despair that this youth is in, not being accepted in France even though France is sometimes the only country they know..they may be African but most times they' never been...they are in a country where the gov'kinda push them to the side..going back to Rohff he has 4 albums under his belt...

Post edit: Just read that he's in jail for threatening his brother w/1 gun ..he's in jail for 5 months...come on Rohff u mess up my positive post here..i wasn't sure if i needed to delete this post..but being that he brought light on some social issues that African people face in France..i figured that i would still publish this post...hoping that this brotha will think hard in jail and come back on 1 more positive note...

His official webbie:

A great video for "Regrette", great lyrics as well:

Djaa Rohff needs to repp for the Comoros Islands all the way..not just on lyrics:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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