Sunday, February 24, 2008


Miss Yelena Noah

She kinda has 1 rebellious vibe to her in 1 cute way:)

like these candide shots ..she's pretty tall around 6ft

Hanging out w/her mum at 1 b/ball game ...supporting her brotha safari outfit

La jolie Metisse Camerounaise

We all know the father -tennis champ'/ singer/ social activist-Yannick Noah, we all have heard of the talented son, basketall player for the NBA -Joaquim Noah, we know that the mother is beautiful, she was 1 former European miss...but did we all know that the daughter Yelena Noah was also doing the damn thing...yep she has a degree in Political's said that in her clan she's the one who wanted to keep a low profile and have 1 regular life...mmm..can't happen when u are 1 Noah....Yelena who was born in 1987 is 1 model, and 1 painter, she also works w/ the non-profit org'that her daddy founded...thought u may wanna know:)

Here's the link to her fashion line w/la Redoutte:

Djaa my Ladizz from Cameroun are more fiyaaa:)
Eyee Wayeee:)

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