Tuesday, November 27, 2007


My fav' piece..:)

Isn't it so cuteeee:)simpe and exotic

I would wear this on a saturday morning strolling around , thinking ima cute preggers

So Niceee, and seems cute comfi

Love this dress , gorgeous period

Nice colors

Love the pockets

Nice summer dress

Aight I'm back, y'all are gonna have 2 bear w/me for the next month or so because I'm in the midst of big geographic changes in my life ..so trying to keep my blogging as normal, thanks for being patient and being faithful, I think that this will be fruitful to all of us, excited to discover more and bring y'all more Inch'Allah!!

Aight people, so I'm discovering the Zimbabwean fashion house Mushe, which is the initiative of a worldly cultured Zimbabwean young woman. She calls it Afropean ..mm interesting here's the following sentence on her webbie that may explain that term:

"Having African ancestry and living European culture" u got that rite none of us who live abroad can't deny that Western influence in our behaviour, thoughts, and clothing.

I love the webbie, looove the line, in particular the maternity clothing, so cuteee, a lot of time when African women are preggers we tend 2 be so conservative which is great but a little bit of style can't hurt either rite..

But Mushe is also a summer and winter collection, w/beautiful colors, clean lines, funky contrast of different fabrics.

Musa believes in reppin for Afrika in her style and in her choice of fabric which I found quite interesting, she believes in the Fair trade of empowring third world countires by using their main resources, it's interesting to me because she makes a choice 2 comply w/that..

it's her way of giving back..:)

every way counts people ...every action counts

I think her line is really cool, I love it...

it's good that it's universal while keeping it's African spice..u dig

Just 1 thing where are my African sistas..u should get in touch w/Teiko for example who represent for the beautiful African sistas w/curves...for exple....

Love the line, love the concept, would wear these pieces in a heartbeat...
U go girl, keep reppin for us in the Netherlands

Here's her webbie:

Here's her contact:

Djaa my Zimbabwean sistas are more fiyaa:)
Eyee Wayeee:)

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Wendy Collins, USA said...

Amazing collection, I love it.