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Pic courtesy of Times Ny ...David doesn't relate to that word necessarily because he feels like he's just doing the work that he's passionate 'but..of course he recognises that there are pluses to being liked from the UK to the USA where he opened offices in Harlem.. David is actually in the midst of building a hizzy for art collector
Adam Lindemann ...

But let's "slow wine" for 1 sec, David was born in Tanzania from Ghanaian parents;his daddy was 1 diplomat thus the move to Tanzania.

He went to the Royal College of Art in the UK, and gained popularity after he built houses for Chris Ofili, Jake Chapman ...ect and the rest became history.

I haven't heard him speak, but it seems like he must be very charismatic because that term is associated w/him...

Anywhoo the body of work is divided btw the private and the public..

He was given the honor to build the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, the

" Idea Stores" which are a chain of libraries if I may use that word but not build conventionally...

Even the way he defines his work is so structured and intelligent , I am no architecture critic, the impression I'm left w/after seeing his body of work are of very spacious , mysterious, a bit dark while lighted spaces, he uses a lot of glasses, and geometrical shapes..

One house he built, had no windows in the front and was painted black..bold would be the word I would use.

He also is working on a project that took him throughout Africa ;it consits of photograph on how African utilise their space..ect.I'm sure that it will give birth to other projects helping the continent...

As you may guess he's received many awards, was given his own show and was indicted 2 the Order of the British Empire by the queen for services to UK architecture, not bad for the 40 year old Ghanaian brotha.

Here's 1 clip that shows his work w/the Idea Store project:

Here's his webbie:


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