Friday, November 30, 2007


Mais nonn..ah after Boris Diaw, Stephane Lasme et co I'm discovering Chicago Bulls player No 9 Luol Deng ...

This Brotha of 22 years old is quite interesting, he left Sudan rather young and lived in Egypt , before moving to London and now here..

Funny enough he was never into basketball , it's only under the mentorship of his friend Manute Bol that he discovered "balling"and the rest is history...

Deng is known and respected for his sportsmanship and is also known to be 1 of the most cerebral players of the NBA.. He recognises that he may not be the most athletic player but he uses he smarts to outplay the others...

Luol considers home London, but is glad to play here for the states, he uses some of his salary to help out children in Sudan..I think that's pretty cool..:)

His father who used 2 work for the Parliament is now back in Sudan and trying to make a change...Luol and his sibblings are proud of him and hope 2 help their coutry through their academic and atheltic gifts..
If you wanna know more:

Here's a mini reportage about Luol Deng:

Djaa my Sudanese men are fine:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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