Thursday, November 29, 2007


You know that's 1 question we should all ask ourselves, because there's
no guarantee that our children will all be born healthy, when I watch TLC , the medical shows and I see children w/rather severe medical conditions,

I wonder how their parents do it...

In Africa, u know how it goes..mostly in the rural areas, when a child is born w/a disability, sometimes the first explanation is that someone
went to the "marabout" and did "something", or it's because the parents were repaid for their negative actions..bref whatever the case..being disabled is looked very negatively unfortunately in our continent..that's why when I see American parents here to try 2 give a little bit taste of normal life 2 these kids I am impressed...

I know that in my country for example, leppers are so isolated ,
so so isolated...there's such a negative stigma attached to them..that's a whole another post

So as I was doing research on the subject, i found that it's advised to parents:

-Accept their children disabilities, yes truly accept, deal w/it in their minds before they are truly able to help their children.

-Get as much medical explanation on the conditions, on the exams, the behavior attached to the disease, because u know how we are African sometimes we tend to only say "Ahh I leave it in God's hands "'s good to trust God but God helps those who help themselves so pick a book, get the proper info, talk to a case manager , talk to the doctors , know all the facts, the progression of the disease ect...

-Stay calm w/ur children, don't show negative emotions, don't show that u are upset by their diseases ect, try to provide a positive environment to these children who need it

Talk w/ur people around you, educate them on the child's conditions ect...

- Involve the children w/other children who don't have the same challenges, that one must be so difficult for parents but it's needed, it's also said not to expect the children to totally be comfortable, but it's good that they are exposed to others ...

-Also, it's advised to keep things simple for children, not clutter their rooms since it's already challenging for them to understand everything around them already, you wanna keep things as simple as possible

- My advice would be encourage your children, love them ,

make them believe in themselves,let them know that their lives are worthy

While doing my research, i found out how the USAID is so involved fighting that issue in Afrika..interesting mmm

Here's an interesting site covering the issue of children w/disabilities, if any of you guys deal w/that issue , my heart goes out to you, and I wish you a whole lot of Patience and love:)
Djaa we need to take care of our children:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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nneoma said...

i am happy that there is finally being some light shed on the issue of people with disabilities on the continent.