Tuesday, November 06, 2007


The designer ..vrai de galsene dans le relax!

Tie die version sirene

That's my fav ..the top is a bit busy but it works:)

African queen!

La belle de la soiree!

Sadio grew up in Senegal in a family where fashion was very important. His father himself was a fashion designer . In the late 80's his dada would move to Paris and leave Sadio at the head of his showroom in Karda (Dakar). In the early nineties it would be time for Sadio to move to the fashion city of Paris where he will learn new techniques, showcase his work at various festivals and gain the respect of a 1 great clientele.

As any entrepeneur Sadio wanted more , and finally moved to New York, New York in order to expose his work and better his craft.

He works w/tradional fabrics such as the bogolan , the wax, the basin but gives them a modern twist that we young Fabulafricana women of this era could easily rock...

Here's his webbie:

Djaa le mix Senegal-Guinea is more fiyyaa:)
Eyee Wayee:)


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Fabulous Designs!!! Do your thing!!!!

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