Thursday, November 08, 2007


I wanted 2 start w/this pic..because it shows "her hunger" 2 share these emotions that she packed through her movements

Ahhhhhhhh putting all the pain in this

Strong and Proud

Beautiful movement/strenght of the body

I am an African

Wait...don't go..could be a mothe figure on this 1, protecting her kin

Despair, Sensuluaty..1 woman

I can defend myself.

Mamaaaaaaa....sense of loss back to the inocence of a little girl scared and lifitng her dress

I am strong
Not apologising

All that jazz

Thank U Lord for this gift*

Man I am so mad why is it that I am now discovering all these inspiring
African people at the end of this journey*, that perform here in the States..I wish I had been more curious a few years back anywaysss..

Nora was born in Zimbabwe where she went 2 law school before moving to the States w/the intention to work in the movie industry..That to me is an indication that she already had an artistic spirit...

Anywhoo she will only discover professional dance here while taking a modern dance class in California....interesting ..usually professional dancers go through teenagers of serious dance practice , discipline and classes....interesting!!

Anywhoo Nora is now in her early 40's and is dancing strong and choreographing w/the Urban Bush Women dance company..

She salutes and acknowledges the courage of her people during the
2ND war of liberation of Zimbabwe in her solo "Chimerunga".

After looking at her pictures, her strength , grace , focus, transparency of emotions are so evident..I can only imagine how she must be in person...

Djaa Nora Chipaumire from Zimbabwe is more fiyaaaaa:)
Eyee Wayeee:)

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