Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I love the feel of the dress..so feminine

Funky tees w/an African accent

The fabric is not too much on the skirt ..just enuff

Nicee for those windy days

I would wear this in a heartbeat

Funky w/some nice gold sandals..u are all set

Okaay leaving the UK, this time in France there's 1 cool fashion hizzy created by two girlfriends Julie and Nelly -(thus the name June) both in their twenties..it's 1 pretty cool line. I love the fact that they offer different styles in shirts,skirts, dresses, pants..pretty cool.

Their concept is that they wanted 2 create a line of clothing that we African women can relate to is still feel at ease during our everyday life, it's important for me to add that they strive to mix different styles:Spanish, Asian, African...

They love working as team because they complete each other ...

pretty cool, here's the webbie:

Djaa there are so cool funky inspired African inspired fashions hizzy for us out there:)

Eyee Wayee:)

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