Tuesday, November 06, 2007


My fav' pic of the bunch it's ver y much so "Lady sing the blues meet Bag lady of Erikha Badhu"

"Cooking diner for my hubby and here he comes late once again..oh well got my dress on..lol"

Looking mighty green in lime/olive meets fall

"How dare he..me?"

"Birds in the sky you know how I feel, I feel gooddd "taratara...Nina Simone

Elegant in black!

Reppin Africa for Sylvia Owori-word up my Uganda people

That's the New Yorrk flava right there-winter time

I've been wanting to write 1 piece abt her for 1 while and haven't got the chance 2 do it....but here is . She was the winner of the Face of Africa contest in 2006..but boy has her life changed since then..let me see.. She won a contract w/Elite and is based here in the NYC...

Here she lives the cosmopolitan life, btw her various jobs, her catwalk shows for the likes of Baby Phat...homegirl is doin her thang.

She also signed w/Oluchi ..that's what I'm talking about sistas helping each other and lifting each other higher...

She's 5'10, and was born 20 years ago...great accomplishments for 1 young lady at the door of adulthood...

Djaaaa my Namibian sistas are doin' it:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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