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Interesting book cover

The Author..pic courtesy of PBS

If you've loved Beloved (1 of my Fav' movies deep)by Toni Morrison and could understand the feelings of total despair of the mother, the pain and suffering felt by the heroine ..u may like "Unconfessed"...

Briefly it's a story of resilience, strength, determination, true anger , desperate acts of a South African slave woman..I don't want to give up too much of the book..but she had to kill her own child for reasons that most of us wouldn't understand...I'm telling you the minds of human beings are so complex..we can easily go from left to right being given certain conditions..

The author herself was born in South Africa before moving towards Australia during her youth with her family.

She teaches English at Fordham University. I read a great interview of her by Tavis Smiley (who actually asks intelligent and interesting questions) and she explains that 1 of the reason why she wanted to write this book is to give the untold story of African slaves based in Africa.
I agree that we hear more of the African American perspective on this touchy and sensitive subject, and Yvette wanted to give a voice to these women and men ....

She was inspired by the story of 1 real South African slave who killed her own I said earlier there's no justification for such act but 1
STORY TO TELL...u dig!!

Anywhoo you can see her here reading part of her book:

Djaa our South African Writers are telling the stories that we need to hear:)
Eyee Wayeee:)

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