Wednesday, November 28, 2007


One of my major inspiration to remain myself, my own individual

The tee that u can buy to support that foundation's effort

One of the young lady that Batonga has supported in her academic journey

Another one from Sierra Leone

Angelique visting, supporting African sistas in need

La grande Angelique Kidjo

It means so much to these families to know that people care

Using her talent to touch lives

Liya supporting Angelique's efforts

Did you know that Angelique invented the term "Batongo" u know from her song appropriately titled created this word when she was young kid going to school when boys were making fun of her..

Today she's so thankful for her academic exposure,
this goes to say that having an education doesn't necessarily means being a doctor, it just opens your mind to other's
going to school is something we should truly thank our parents for.

Batongo's aim is to help young girls 2 get an education through donations, it's a US Based non profit organisation, they support mentoring programs for young girls in Africa, gives them scholarships,encourage school enrollment, help build school..etc..

This is the type of piece that gives me great joy in blogging, I am so passionate about non profit efforts that are being done effectively toward our continent...absolutely loves it!!

BATONGA is in full effect in Benin, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Mali for now..pass the word around can always help!

You can also personally help, by buying 1 of the tees for $ 15.95
Actually I am so inspired by this, that Im going to start my first contest w/this tee shirt, the first person to write me w/Angelique Kidjo's birth date will get this tee,my email is

Here's the webbie:

Here's miss Kidjo performing w/the Children Choir for Batonga:
By the way if you can please , please, please see Angelique Kidjo live..she's just fiya w/her energy , dancing..ect.gorgeous woman in and out!!

Djaa we need to encourage our little sistas to get an education:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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