Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I fell in love w/Kaissa's voice a few years back when I was listening 2 a beatiful compil "Global Soul" by Puntumayo;..by the way if you never buy their cds please do..they always have great underground artists on them..

Anywhoo so Kaissa is from Cameroun, grew up in France , where she got her first spoons of music...started working w/French artists among them
Manu Dibango, Cesaria Evoria...
I really like her voice even though I don't understand most of her lyrics because they are in her native tongue..but there's a sense of

sincerity, pride , precision in her voice that makes u wanna believe it..
it's folk, it's sexy, it's traditional, soul..that type of groove that makes u wanna get up, dance, sing w/her in her dialect..
I also saw her in concert w/a bunch of other female artists for the
Mamaya concert series, which was excellent ..she has great stage presence..w/her twists, Afrocentric attire, and sensual moves.
For those in NY, she'll be performing at Shrine on November 30Th,price is $10

Here's her webbie:

Here's 1 video clip :

Djaa my Cameroonian people are on the ze point:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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