Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Here comes the bride!

I love this piece..

Well ...hello?!

Reminds me of beautiful Japanese kimonos

On the runaway

Looove this artsy


Okay my UK people have been raving so much about Gisella B, through the various interviews that I had 2 find out what's the "dealio".

From what I understand and please correct me if I'm wrong the creator is from Ghana .

On the webbie, she divides her collection in 4 -the bridal , global fusion, lifestyle,the catwalk collections.

Cool thing I see my girl Teiko also modeled for her as well as Mirembe C. (more 2 come abt this sista..) & Noella C.

Gisella B creations have been worn at the MTV Europe, MOBO AWARDS , BBC AFRICA ...etc..etc.

Loves the webbie, very artistic & fashion forward pics, beautiful colors..I feel like her collection leaves u wondering..wait 1 minute is this African, or Euro...good thang.

Here's the webbie:

Djaa my African people be doin it in the UK:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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