Tuesday, November 27, 2007


The best lip gloss out there , period!

Neutrogena u need 2 send me a few now..lol

Aight ladizz I had 2 recommend this product, my gal Shee introduced me to it and ever since I am addicted, I've tried other maybelline, revlon..ect..
but nothing I wasn't convinced.

This lip gloss by Neutrogena is the bomb, it cost 7$ but it's excellent, it moisturises your lips and give them a beautiful gloss that last for 1 long time..

I am truly in love w/it and I thought I should recommend it

Here's the Neutrogena's site just in case u may be interested in some other products:

Here in NY, they sell it at Duane Read but I am gonna guess that any pharmacy should do, but it's funny it goes to show that when 1 product is great, it just is because I swear I tried all these other lip glosses hated them, either they were not moisturising enuff, or they were not glossy enuff..loves it:)

Djaa we gotta keep our lips in check..lol:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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