Friday, November 02, 2007


'Xuse me Sir What's ur name: Murthala Fançony Bravo de Oliveira AKA Dog Murras
'Xuse me Sir Where are u reppin: Angola bebe
'Xuse me Sir How old is u: 30 years old mm the Thirty
'Xuse me Sir what so special abt u: Dog Murras is the Ambassador of the Music of the people from the barrios to the political men houses his messages of oppression, poverty, social consciousness can be heard. In Angola the cab drivers are kinda like" promoters", they blast the music, borrow it from each other ect..and just play some good old Angolan music for the peeps.
Dog Murras has an academic background in the Arts from a South African high school, he met various influent people there who encouraged to take his musical skills to the top. When he moved back to Angola, it wasn't long before he became the king in that genre...

Anywhoo here's 1 video clip:

His webbie:

Tees sold in his webbie

Djaaa my Angolan People sont dans le chaud:)

Eyee Wayee:)

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