Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Allez les lionssss

Ashanti to Akon- Baby, Baby, Baby are you gonna work on my album

Tpain to Akon- I'm buy you a drink chief
Ako 2 Tpain-U see I'm still the man son

Snoop 2 Akon-see this is America, the more contrevorsial u are .the more popular u are

Akon and Tyrese at the Pre AMA party celebrating his nomination

Akon & Luda in Dubai a week before the AMA'S
Thank u miss Fafa for catching my mistake and correcting me..appreciated!!
Catching up.... so for those living in the states, u know that the AMA's went down this sunday, so this was the first time in AMA'S history that the votes were open to the public online thus some interesting winners such as Rihana, the American Idols people like Carrie Underwood , Chris D, even

Bone Thugs & Harmony..I don't know how I feel abt the people judging..I feel that it's much more meaningful when it's the jury that choses..and their choices make sense for the most part, they judge on real talent rather than just popularity...
Anyways you'll be glad 2 know that Mr Akon won for Best SOUL R& B Artist...
go Akonnnn
good for him , for whatever reason he seemed so calm during the show, but of course hapy when he won...

I guess he's back in Uncle Ben's good grace..:)

Here gos Akon & Clef at the AMA'S:

Djaa Mr Akon is still more fiyaa, Senegal represent:)
Eyee Wayeee:)

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Fa Sy said...

Congrats Akon! Kepp Rep'ing for the Senegalese people!!!