Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Woman, African Sister, Poet,
Mother, Woman in and out of love, Nigerian, Fierce, Fashionable, Unsure, Sure, Proud African, Def poet...

she's all of these things
She was born in Naija and moved to the States as a little girl, when she enrolled in school she was unsure of her ability to speak and read the language but she pulled through ....
She remenbers falling in love with words at the age of 8 when she was introduced to the world of Nikki Giovani...

As a teen she had the opportunity to join the team of Bet Teen Sumit there she built confidence and the skills of public speaking
While in college in Bmore she discovered the world of "slam" and became a regular at poetry readings..

After college she moved to NY where she made a name for herself opening for artists such as India Arie, A Keys ect...
She joined two other talented lyricists @ the 2003 NAACP Award in honoring Serena and Venus ....

Here's a bit of the piece she wrote for Kadiatou Diallo :

Welcome to the land of the soul less

Here, no souls restBlack equal target for bullets

And we march to mourn another murderedIn silence

Where do our screams go?

Welcome to the place where dreams dryAnd a mother cry’s for her son

She did not send him here to die

Would not have let him come here

Had she known

So who will hold her hand?

Stroke her face?

Fill that hole of empty baby space41 times

Who will acquit her of her grief?

If you are a Def Poetry fan, you've probably seen her on the show if not:
And another piece about the murder of Amadou Diallo:
"I want to kiss you":
Here's her webbie:

Djaaa my Naija sisters sont dedans aussi:)
Eyeee Wayeeee:)

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xoliquoricexo said...

LOOOOOOOVE HERRRRR! she is SO incredibly talented, it's almost unreal!