Friday, October 17, 2008


One of the big winners at this Year's MOBO AWARDS
She left with 2 bebe!!!

Performing w/her American mentor

Estelle and her sista

Love her style

One of my fav' outfits on her
Doin the casual beige look at the MTV studios

Very 50's and inocent looking

Estelle is so expressive on stage....

At one of her album release parties this year

Soft Look here...

Fabulafricana Stylo j'adore the bow...
and the little girl dress

Love how subtle the old accent flows perfectly with her dress

At the MOBO Awards, one of her signatures poses

Estelle au Naturel

Umbrella ella ella e e e...

Receiving her MOBO from Grace Jones
Go Estelle, go Estelle

Sophisticated dress as usual

VH1 show w.Mr"I'm going crazyyyy"Ceelo

This past summer at the Essence Festival

Letterman show, early 08

Sharing a laugh w/Clef this past month

ATL Show this summer

Estelle 2 a movie premiere for "Traitor"
love this dress

Nice nice...
I gotta say that Estelle's style is flawless to me, I don't know if she dresses herself or has a stylist but waouhh everything fits her just perfect, she knows her body...
I love the 50's look on her, i love that her look is "sage" yet "sophisticated"
Besides that 08 has been her year no doubt, 2 years ago when she hadn' made her entrance in the music scene I was blogging abt her at the time I was wondering how would the International market welcome her and waouhh she did an amazing job...she"s noted as an inovator, fresh and real talent ...
She's a homegirl, i love that she is just herself on stage, dance her way and she could be anyone and I like that
This is your year Estelle and you deserve it:)

Estelle giving you updates via her videoblog:
I love this song of her w/Kardinal:
Behind the scenes , the camera followed her during the making of "Pretty Please"
Estelle live w/Legend "Come Over"
I like this song w/Natalie from Floetry, Talib Kweli and Legend
In case you haven't seen it yet "Substitute Lover" video:
Djaa my ladies from Senegal sont dedans aussi:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)


Amina said...

OMG! I had no idea she was senegalese!!
I saw her in NY at Time Squares.
I wanted to run and scream my love but people were so relaxed about it!!

Mazuba said...

I really like estelle's music but would hardly call her a style icon.yes,she does look nice sometimes but most of the time,I think that she should fire her stylist .