Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Nice Cover

L'enfant de Balbala

The Author and Officer

Discover the world of a 31 years old writer from Djibouti, in his young adult life he has written already 3 novels..bravo!!!
His first novel "L'enjeu du Siberia" is a suspense novel which starts after the death of 3 Russians marines on top of a boat on the coast of Djibouti.

His second novel is called "L'enfant de Balballa" and it's about the life of a young child living in the poor areas of Djibouti

He has a third novel in the making called "La Couronne du Negus"

He's an officer within the National Army of Djibouti as well as a writer...wishing him well:)

Here's his webbie:


Djaa my people from the Horn of Afrika are doing their thang as well:)

Eyeeee Wayeee:)

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