Thursday, October 30, 2008


Chidi buzy at work

" It's a love thing"

" We wanna talk to God"

"A champion walks alone"

" Monumental Love"

" The Angle of Reparation"

"Open Mic Night"

"His and los"

"Forget me Not"

" Autum of Harmony "

"Finding The Root of Love"

I had to stop otherwise I would have posted this brotha's entire portfolio , it's simply amazing, there's almost no need for explanation ..his paintings are so "alive" they speak to me!!!

Chidi is an artist/illustrator from Nigeria, his love story with color started at 7 when his nana took him to the park and told him to pain what he saw..the rest is history he never stopped seeing and painting since that point on...
He's had the chance to live in both the West and Afirika , he says that those experiences have truly enriched him as an artist...

Here's his website:

Djaa my brothas from Ghana are doing their thang as well:)
Eyee Wayyyee:)

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