Friday, October 10, 2008


Last saturday I decided to go visit the National Museum of Dakar, I've been promising myself since my return to my hometown to go see what beautiful art pieces my country had selected for visitors like myself...

The museum stands tall in its beautiful yellow clothe facing the National Assembly, from outside it seems so quiet and peaceful , def'a place where one should find piece or its inner Samuel Fosso ...or come out thinking of buying art supplies...

The town was quiet as I was making my way from Ponty Street to the Museum, I took the time to stop by la Cathedrale de Dakar (what used to be one of the best all boys school) and to look around at what may or may not have changed in the neighberhood...

Finally I was there, wearing my comfi old navy shoes(yep even thu my ladies here think it's not presentable to walk in the downtown area wearing flip flops) I pushed the gate, in front of me stood a couple :the lady seemed to be French and the man African...ah a fellow African brotha, aight there's hope I thought...!!!

Armed with my camera, I started clicking away , you just never know I thought: maybe they won't allow me to take pics in the inside, you know how museums people do, always afraid you will take pictures of art work that more than likely the artists themsemves are dying for you and all your people to seee

but NOOO here it' a secret...:(

Anywhoo the ticket price for foreigners was of 2000 Francs CFA and 1000 Francs CFA... well with my accent( a mix of french, senegalese, malian, english ect ) I always know that I will have to prove my belonging to my country ...this time I was ready:wolloff I spoke , hard too lol!!
facial expressions and all!

You know how my Senegalese women do...mmm

Ouf! she was convinced I got in lalalalala lol,
and smell of dust greeted me

aight there was an exhibit on Senefou tribe ,

my mother's Malian tribe....waouh I was so excited I will be learning more abt my origins, my mate has been asking questions so tonite I thought i'm gonna impress this boy with all my cultural

I didn' t know if there will be other African people visiting this museum on a saturday early afternoon so I was glad to meet Z, she was you gueses it : black , wearing ethnik gear, beautiful locks , smart glasses

She had to be American I thought
when I asked her where she was from because you know I asked

she smiled at first, I guess she knew it would be a long answer..

Z was born in Ethiopia , was adopted by her Ghanaian mother and her

German Father, waw I told her that she was so blessed culturally

She explained with her beautiful accent that the road to agreeing you with my statement was long, it took her a while to accept that her background was so diverse and not simple to explain..I totally can understand that ....

Z is studying political sciences and economics heavy stuff :) in Germany and just wanted to visit she did
She travells troughout Africa quite a lot, an African bohemian sista:)

Her true passion is health care I'm sure she'll find a way to link all of these different subjects in her career...

Such an interesting young lady whose voice needs to be heard somewhere out there there's an African woman whose story may not be 100% similar to hers but close to it and may need to hear this...

She relates to West Africa and knows at the same time that her origins are Ethiopian

she's thinking abt writing a book and I hope she it do it!!!!

My new friend and I found out that we both love poetry slam, I was delighted when she said that friends of her and herself pu t together poetry slams in her town.....

Being that she's adopted she didn't get a chance to know her birth family, she went to Ethiopia in search of part of her identity but as of now she met wonderful people but not her family et...

We spent the rest of the day chatting away as old friends and learning about each other, & everything clicked ...she ate and drank coconuts while I drank sprite

Men on the streets of Dkr were drawn to her like bees to honey...Z was def in the place!!!

I learned abt the experience of a black african woman living in Colone Germany, she was game answering my questions ect, this blog is so rubbing on me I've always been curious abt people but now I'm 10000 worse lol

We loved the museum even though we both agreed that they needed to work on setting up a better ambiance, I loved the fact that the pieces were diverse going from guinea bissau, ghana, ivory coast ect...but truthfully I thought they would have focused more on our National treasures since it was the National Museum of Dakar.

Z if you stop by thank you sharing part of your experience with me and allowing my readers to discover you as well...I wish you the very best and yep man come back!!!

Djaaa my Fabulafricana sistas from Germany are maddd cool:)
Eyeee Wayeeee:)


Amina said... looks like you had so much fun!!!
I'll make sure to go there next time i am in Dakar

nneoma said...

hmmm, are you sure that the Senegalese men were not attracted to the both of you?! She seems like an amazing person....please let us know if she does get to writing a book.