Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Hammer is one of those people who believe in something and make it a life mission fighting for it...

In Northern Zambia there was a lot illegal elephant hunting going thus a desiquilibre of the animal system, villagers had no choice but to engage in the activity ect

The North Luangwa National Park was slowly disappearing if it wasn't for the arrival of zoologists Mark and Delia Owens who were passionate abt wildlife conservation, at the time Hammer had the will but not the means..

They joined forces and created North Luangwa Wildlife Conservation...which fought through education programs for the villagers grants to help them become autonomaus through the production of sunflower oil , grindind mill, fish production ect...

Their efforts were not being unnoticed and soon the American people started receiving threats which forced them to go back to America,when they left the gov' quit helping Hammer and he found himslef with no means to go on with his mission

But as they say when Allah closes one door he always opens another, Hammer won last year the Goldman Environmental Prize with a prize of $125,000..which he used to add another branch to the program , the community development program which focus on chidren education,loans granted to villagers to stqrt small business structures ect...

Here's the Goldman Prize's webbie:

The Owens Foundation:

Djaaa my people from Zambia sont dedans aussi:)
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hijabee said...

Love to read about people like this! Its always good to see African brothers stand up for what is right!

Maz said...

Yes,loving the zambia representation1!Thanks