Thursday, October 02, 2008


I'm in love with this green peace piece lol


She also does necklaces

"Creative Nubians"design

Def' some I would rock

Sandra Aya Enimil hails from Ghana , she's an attorney by training and a
jewelry lover by heart...and you know that sometimes we may try to hide from our hearts but sometimes it just overcomes us..

Beautiful ethnik jewelry, funky colors and shapes...complimented by her mother's line of ethnik can say that fashion runs in their family

Here's her webbie:
Her mum's webbie:
If you ever find urself in Chitown , the line is sold at
SoulFly Shop-N-Lounge,House of Africa among some stores

Djaa my sisters from Ghana are doing their thang:)
Eyeee Wayeeee:)

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