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"Envy is a desire to possess what others have, whether material objects (like cars) or character traits, like a positive outlook or patience. Making envy a sin encourages Christians to be satisfied with what they have rather than object to others' unjust power or seek to gain what others have."
Austin Cline/
We are all human beings and most of us are all guilty of this sin,yes it's not pretty to admit it, matter of fact we would sometimes think that we are too fabulous to admit it, even though deep down somewhere inside of us we all know that litte green feeling all too well..
“Envy consists in seeing things never in themselves, but only in their relations. If you desire glory, you may envy Napoleon, but Napoleon envied Caesar, Caesar envied Alexander, and Alexander, I daresay, envied Hercules, who never existed.”
Bertrand Russell

Envy is not always followed by wanting our friends, mate, family" dead", but it's that why?mm how come she got this when I know I could have? or how come...? ect
It's that " her man does all these beautiful things for her", or " I do as much as she does and she got all the recognition", or "when will it be my turn".." how come he got promoted"
Envy is the art of counting the other fellow's blessings instead of your own.”
Harold Coffin

Basically we compare our lives to others, wondering why is our path in life so different from the others when we know we DESERVE everything lol.....

Keep yourselves far from envy; it eateth up and taketh away good actions, like as fire eateth up and burneth wood”
Prophet Mohamed Paix et Salut a Son Ame

How do we get ridd of it?
For those of you who are Believers, you can find support within your personal religions, they all give us encouragements ....
One thing that works for me is to remind myself that it's Yaye's life not X' and vice and verca it's X's life not mine
[You must avoid] a jealous disposition, a secret spirit of envy shut up in your heart; an unpleasant sensation in view of the great prosperity and success of another; a disposition to speak of the faults and failings, rather than the gifts and virtues of those more talented and appreciated than yourself.

It's good to celebrate others knowing that with God's blessing your turn will come, it may not take the same shape and forms of hapiness as the others, but it shall come
Let's be honest we may not want the same exact things and experiences as others so why envy their personal hapiness...

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How about you Fabulafricana ,how do you get rid of envy?
Do you get envious?
Any Testimonials!!!

Djaaa we Fabulafricanas just gotta be honest with ourselves:)
Eyeee Wayeeee:)


hijabee said...

Gret quotes! Thanks for the link for the muslim blog. I guess my best way to get rid of envy is reminding myself that we were all created for a purpose and at every point in time each one of us is working towards that purpose and is at the place they are supposed to be at.

Abbi said...

I'm actually going to write about this in my next post, it's a continuation from my beauty within post (read it & take the survey. Anyway, Envy was one of the ugly traits I wanted to get rid of. For me it wasn't that I wasn’t happy for my friend’s successes. I just wondered what about me GOD? I knew it was wrong to feel this way and through prayer asked God to cleanse my spirit. Envy is one of those useless feelings that just weigh you down.