Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This set is my fav'

Pink and Cocoa
Cute Music Mobile by Kids Line

Wall deco by Cocalo for your little princess

Baby Soap that mamans wouldn't mind sharing...
Baby Girl body suit by Carter

Crib Set by Kids Line

Cute baskets by Cocalo

Another cool set, you can buy the items separetely if you wanted to as well...

Setting up baby's bedroom or special place in our bedroom is one of the things mummys look forward to..It gives them something to do during their pregnancy
There are so many beautiful colors to play with, on this post I chose to focus on pinkand chocolat..enjoy and while you are at it, please have you some yummy cupcake:)

Cupcakes by

Djaa we Fabulafricana Mamans Rock:)
Eyeeee Wayeee:)

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