Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So much grace to these kids

Break Dance Project Uganda Team

The Steady Rock Crew with Crazy Leg went to Uganda to support this iniative

Got some skills!!

Talking & teaching kids at the children prison

Pure Fun!

Gotta say that watching the kids in actions got me crying a bit , pure joy on their faces...Surprisingly the girls were the fiercest when it came to breaking the circle and do solos...they were breaking it down...aight Fabulafricanas in the making....:)


Some positive Ugandan break dancers: Abramz , Antonio with the help of an Irish break dancer Emile had the great idea of creating a break dance project which consist of teaching for FREE people in particular kids how to have fun through break dance...

They perform with disavantaged kids, kids in prisons who need to smile a bit and know that their lives aren' t over
They are based in Nsambya but travell around Uganda bringing joy to those in need...
Matter of fact, every month the dancers travel to North Uganda where to teach break dance to kids living with Aid's , kids that were kidnapped by the LRA Rebels....
The North is not only part that's infected by the break dance virus, they also give classes every 3 months on the Eastern side...

Of course they need help so here's their webbie:
Here's a beautiful clip:

Djaaa kids in Uganda can dance dance:)
Eyeeee Wayeeee:)

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