Thursday, October 16, 2008


Laila is half Africana and Frenchie/Canadian, she grew up with her family in Montreal where around the age of 14 she attending a performing art classes where she studied academic and ballet...

When she moved to the UK a few years later, she became a member of the prestigious dance company of Wayne McGregor,she stayed for the company for 8 years before deciding to fly with her own wings...

She's done couple of solos, and duos with her good friend Melanie Demers, they travelled together to Kenya they were aware of the eventual difficulties of working as friends, but the result is beautiful:"Sense of Self" is a piece that focuses on the social issue of identity....Laila is a very busy woman, on top of choreographing her own pieces and others , she also teaches...she's done

Some of the other pieces that stand out on her CV are:

"Waiting Fleeing", "The Wayside" an opera piece called
"Dido and Aenas" she choreographed another piece for
Prokofiev's called "War and Peace"
Here's a great complete portrait of this beautiful dancer:

Here's her webbie:

Djaaa our sistas sont dedans aussi:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)

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