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I really would like to read this book

The author
(sorry don't remenber where I took this pic)

One of his major success!!

Before I even go on and gives his "stats" let me just start of by saying how impressed I am by this writer's authenticity..just by browsing through his blog one can tell that he's crazy about "words" and more "words" I 've learned a few things here and there and he's pushing me to do some research about authots, painters ect...

He's Algerian and proud! Salim is the author of a couple noted books, among them "Le Chien d'Ulysse", " Tuez les tous", "Les douze contes de minuit" and the latest "Le Silence de Mahomet" this particular one is making a lot of noise ...

It's a fiction novel about the life of the Prophet Mahomet narrated by 3 characters:his friend, an army General and himself...

It's in no way the biography of the Prophet's life rather what the author based on his research views or imagines his life ..the book has been selected for the prestigious Prix Goncourt 2008..

I love that he keeps it "real" in his interviews when asked questions, for exple I read when he was asked if he considers the famous Algerian writer Malek Haddad as his inspiration he simply said that he has read him but that he wasn't his inspiration..simple not rude but truthful....

If you would like to learn more abt this African brotha, here's his blog:

Djaaa my Algerian brothas sont dedans auss:)
Eyee Wayeee:)

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