Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Pretty smile

I love her simplicity

Danai and the rest of cast of "The Visitor"

Looking good in pink

Doin it in red!

Can a Zim woman play the role of a Senegalese jewelry maker? Well if you haven't yet, you'll just have to catch the Sundance movie movie "The Visitor" abt the journey of a young Syrian illegal young man in love w/the sista ...it's about his journey , the courage of his educated mother and the friendship he shares with a professor....

Going back to Danai , after doing my research I realize that I've actually came across her name a while back, in fact she was one of the creators along Nikkole Salter of one the best plays of the year 2006:
"The Continium"..Both ladies met at NYU wrote and presented this play abt the lives of 2 women who are dealing with finding out that their mates infected them with the virus of AIDS...They actually won the Helen Hayes Award following their prestation...

You may also have seen this beautiful woman in episodes of " Law &Order"ect....
Danai at 30 years old is also one of those successful people who believe in giving back to the Motherland , this past month she opened the Zimbabwe International Film Festival with the presentation of " The Visitor"...
Listening to her speak, I just knew that this was a woman who pursued academics she holds a BA in Psychology and a Masters in Performing Art....

This is when she "killed " me when she said in an interview:
"I am an African woman, proud to be a Zimbabwean of an American birth."...I love it when a sister knows where she comes from

Here's Danai in the role of Zainab:

Little interview of the sista:

Wishing greater success to this young Zim talented woman:)
Eyeee Wayeee:)