Friday, June 29, 2007


**Because there's def Hope! I'm scared of y'all!

Why don't guys dress formal as much anymore

Diaye dolle

They're like damn why is he so full of

Yep that's us African women..we always have to pose

Love the skirt mama

The contrast btw the car & the poverty of the suroundings..AFRICA

It's always cool 2 me to see how people fall on their passion without looking for it...perfect example is Depara.

He was born in Angola in 1928, but lived most of his adult life in Congo. While shooting pictures for his wedding , he fell in love w/lenses. Later on life, he moved to Congo where he lived the high life hanging around w/celebrities such as Franco (reminds me of my dad ,he used to listen to him all the he became Franco's personal photographer which opened doors for him in the congolese nightlife..

It's great that he left this legacy, because through his photographs, we are able to see the youth of that era, the things they enjoyed, we are able to see that we are not that different from that generation good or bad, they loved the" flossy flossy", they enjoy having too much fun.

I found another thing interesting throughout his photograps; shots of clicks of women called the miziki who sup' were high rollers , suspect probably a bad reputation ( would love to get more info on that) ...
Djaa les Angolais sont dans le chaud aussi:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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AFKAP of Darkness said...

Depara.... hmmm... don't think i've heard of him! you better believe i'll be looking out for his stuff now! (are there any collections of his work out?)