Thursday, June 28, 2007


**Feelin miss Gwen

The designer THULA SINDI
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Don't like the pearls but like the suit

My fav' the clash btw the various colors..

The details are amazing


When I first saw Thula's designs , I thought the designer had to be a women. ...WRONG!!
The beautiful little details on his clothes, the choice of vivid colors and beautiful materials...he got me fooled...!!
Anywhoo found out that him and 3 other designers such as Fundudzi which is another 1 of my fav' house of South African design have been chosen under the mentoring of Garvin Rajah to represent their country in the city of Fashion..It's a great honor that Thula takes very seriously according to his interview with I-Africa where he expresses his hapiness as being 1 of the chosen few. He's been preparing for this career for a long time and is here to stay. His dream celebrity for whom to design would be the curvacious J-LO (so there's hope for the thick girls lol)...
Anywhoo I hope it goes smoothly and that this brings great success to him..

Djaa we are coming:)
Eyee Waye:)

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Ladybrille said...

Like the Thula Sindi fashions.