Tuesday, June 26, 2007


** Feelin my gal Rokia T

And she's Gorgeous 2!

Aight so I've decided to bring light on blogs that I like, or that I feel deserved to be known.

I will start of w/the bloggie of Miss Fa Sy (Galsene sista) in her early/mid twenties living in DC, pursuing a Master's Degree in Finance while working...yes homegirl got it goin on'....

Why do I think that her blog deserves your attention?
because she's real w/herself for 1, no bullshit, she's an African sista who's proud of her origins and who's also able to enjoy her Western life. She has a special way of writting that draws you in, very intelligent and articulate, you'll find on her blog her thoughts on life, professional life, corporate world...in a very fun-interesting kind of way...

Anywhoo here's her link:

Djaa we African Sistas should support each other:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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Fa Sy said...

Hey girl! Thanks for this post.Ur blog is so much better than mine. I didnt visit the past few days coz I was getting ready for my trip to Dakar. N im in Dakar since yesterday. Its funny that u wrote about my blog coz I actually wanna interview u on Peopleized :) So let me know if u are a member and I will send u my interview questions. Might take a while though since Im in Dakar, lol and im enjoying myself not too much time for internett.