Tuesday, June 12, 2007


**Eeee Makossa...lol...

Phina and Lover Boy!

Getting ready for a race/charity work

Posing in White..I guess she can!

Nice Figure!

I call her an entertainer because she's a writter, an actress, an athlelte, a producer and she became not too long ago a reality tv star with the UK show
"I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here"

But let's slow it down a bit..shall we...so Miss Phina started her career as a model in chic Paris and in New York where she may have seen in fashion mags and ads (Gap..etc)

After a great career in modelling she decided that she wanted to become an actress, and took her craft very seriously (acting classes at the very famous Actors Studio**)
She's also known for being a strong minded woman , who doesn't hold back.
Some of you in the States may have seen her in"Nip Tuck, Buffy, and Charmed" and those of you in Europe and the UK probably know her as the crazy Liberty Baker in the popular show Footballer's Wives...

At 38, her career is still booming w/the founding of her own production company IBO GIRLS..she has 3 feature films in dev' as well.

For more info' about her:
Here's a clip of her stay on"I'm A Celebrity..."

Djaa Naja Sistas are Fierce hun:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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CHIC NOIR said...

I remeber seeing her in a Channel fashion show. She was also in a couple of fashion magazines her in the states.