Monday, June 11, 2007


** Back to the Basics:)

Love tiles,must be an African thing*pretty design


Nice touch on evenings

Great colors

I like the silver , it adds elegance !

Pouf...ahaha that's how we used to call them in dakar

Nice and clean

Arabic Letters!

Some of the most beautiful living -rooms I'ever visited had a Maroccan feel to them, I love marrocan rugs, lamps, bedding...

Here are a few items to give you fun ideas to incorporate in your living ....

Have fun!!!!

Here are 3 webbies I used for inspiration: (price info...etc)

Djaa Maroco can Inspire Good Living:)

Eyee Wayee:)

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Fa Sy said...

I love me some maroccan furniture. Very colorful, lively and beautiful. I love their loungers and rugs. I will have a maroccan room in my house for sure