Wednesday, June 13, 2007


My fav'..this guy would make laugh like no other Iznogood

Bouba, Bouba mon petit

Finally an African Cartoon


Pinocchio who wanted to be perfect..don't we all

I liked those 2 ..they were fun

La petite Sirene

Asterix & Obelix.. those 2 were like cat & dog

Aladin et la lampe magique les 3 souhaits

Ohhh Blanche Neige!!

Robin des Bois au secours des pauvres...wane surtout!

Ohh Merlin L'Enchanteur..we wer all cheering for him ..ah childhood!

Weird little Alice who was everywhere she wasn't supposed to

Mr & Mrs who never wanted to be apart...ohhhh

I remenber Mr Basil dans ses enquetes lol

Miss Cendrillon in her blue dress

It was great fun writting this post!!
It took me back to 4:pm "gouter time", pajamas sessions when we will be glued to the tv with "pain thon/chocolat" moments when we laughed with Bouba, Tinitin, Robin des Bois, we got scared for Alice, Gigi, Candy..

Wasn't it fun, it's weird and interesting to see how we can go back w/those memories and laugh and smile..parents were right childhood for most of us is a wonderful time...

I hope you guys can go back and re-visit the young boys and girls that you were once were
Oh and my fav' Iznogoud
For other cartoons: (Every girl's fav' Candy..)
Hope more Africans get to create cartoons that our children and futur children will be able to watch and remenber for years to come.

Djaa we Had Fun during our childhood:)
Eyee Waye:)


Fa Sy said...

Sure does bring back memories. I love cartoons and still do. I found this website where u get all the cartoons original songs and lyrics. I will give it to u when i get home, u will like it :)

Refinedone said...

Kiriku ...i just fantastic!!! my whole family love it so much.

It a must for kids.. tells the tale of African beautiflly. You just have to fall in love with Kiriku..."small but migthy" :)

got to watch the film to get that!