Tuesday, June 19, 2007


** Do u remenber miss Nayanka?:)

3 ways 2 rock a brown suit

a/brown fitted suit and well pressed blue shirt

b/brown suit & this time white pressed shirt , black tie matching the shoes

c/this time...very very sophisticated..brown pants...mix of black & brown on top..so complicated that I don't even know how hew thought about this ....meannnn***loves it

Oz (shall we...) & Jamie the Foxx and Lawrence the Fishburne

Oz and the wifey..don't like the outfits but...ok

Nice use of yellow and white...ok def' stylish

Love the touch of green...this guy is very detailed oriented!

Nice..I like the contrast of the semi-conventional look of the suit and the funckyness of the watch...interesting

Strangely enuff I like!

His Line

Mr & Mrs de la Oz

Yes..I've been wondering..!!

He strikes as me a smooth succesful man who's climbing the ladders of success smoothly..

Well let's find out ..he was born in Ghana in the late 60's ..(no exact date...smooth player move right there...lol)

Anywhoo so he started his professional career as an IT guy..

But it wasn't his lifetime call and turned to his love affair with buttons and beautifully detailed colorful suits that he started the age of 16...

Anywhoo one interesting I found out about him is that he's the first African-British designer to challenge conventional conceptions of bespoke suits Savile Row stylo

(which is an old area in London reknown for its great tailors)..

In Hollywood he dresses the likes of Jamie Fox, Pierce Brosman for James Bons, Lawrence Fishburne and the Smith..Will of course...etc...etc..not bad for someone who taught himself..

I actually love his line, I love the fact that he pays great attention to details and is not afraid to play with colors...you can tell that he has great fun in designing his clothes.

Some of you may have caught him on the Sundance Chanel, if not here are couple of links:

I say go for it my brotha from Ghana:)

Eyeee Wayee:)


Fa Sy said...

Love Nayanka bell! There is this other one I used to love when I was a toddler from what my parents say Thiala Muana lol.

Ladybrille said...

He's definitely got style.