Monday, June 11, 2007


** Feelin Brenda F...u probably know her for her
song"The Electric Slide"

Yep u know already Miss Oprah Winfrey....& Mr BOGOSS George C.

Love this campaign! wA/Keys, Don C, Iman, Djimon Hounson...etc

Youssou N. musical selection

Dr Mo Ibrahim

The Lovely South African actress Terry P. vixen style

The New Generation of African Directors

Dr Ngozi O.

I cannot tell y'all how happy and excited I was when I saw the new Vanity Fair issue..I mean the entire magazine is devoted to Africa...ahhh...I
was and I'm still so damn happy (yes I trully love magazines ..trully

Bono was given the chance to be the guest editor of this issue, and yeah he deserves it , his enthusiasm, his ongoing campaign to help us African Nations is gracefully humbling, for an Irish man to make his lifelong objective helping us is trull inspirational...

And they did a wonderful job, I urged all of u guys who have access to it, to buy this issue, I'll keep mine for years 2's excellent

From saluting the African Movie Heroes, to portait of Nelson Mandela, feautures of upcoming writters such as Chamamanda N, to Liya Kebede w/her looks and her charity work, to a beautiful trip to Mali w/musical selection by Youssou N....

Another thang that made me happy is that a lot of people that I feautured on my blog like Dr Mo Ibrahim, Angelique Kidjo, Dr Ngozi...were trully made me proud of my work...

Anywhoo here's the official webbie:



Fa Sy said...

This is so cool. I will get me a copy. Cant wait!!!

CHIC NOIR said...

I am going to get a copy of this magazine. I heard a while ago that Lila Kabede was supose to get a cover. OH well, she is on the cover of Spainsh Vogue(its only 5.50).