Tuesday, June 26, 2007


** Sometimes ain't nothing better than the oldies but goodies zouk stylo

Whether you are from East, West, North , South Africa..I'm sure y'all can all relate .
Taking responsabilities for my actions , i have 2 say that I also need to go to "rehab" for this sickness that runs in my genes, a sickness that I inhereted from my culutre.

We African people for the most part take our damn time to accomplish anything.
For example , we all know that if a wedding is supposed to take place at 6 pm, the bride won't show up until 9:00 pm. At the workplace, if you have a meeting w/ Mr. Apple at 10:00 AM , he sure won't show up until 11:30 12:00 PM, and may the Lord help you if the person you are meeting with is important. He'll feeL that it is his right to show up at the time that pleases him, yep!!! you should even feel lucky that he allows you "unimportant person" to meet with him and let's remenber YOU NEED HIM.

Now when you are used to this system and you move to the West, you find people so
damn rigid or in a hurry to accomplish tasks. I find this way of living life so damn effective but I know that it wouldn't work in African settings for now . The concept of respect is mixed up w/every damn thing, expecting an elder or complaining to an elder about certain things will in most cases be taken as you being a disrespectful young'un.

In my case when I came to the States I was astounished to see my generation speak w/elders at the same level..I was beyond shocked...well now it's a # story, even though I will not bring myself to be disrespectful...well sometimes...lol...just a few times when it's really reallllly called for...

But anywhoo, there a few thangs that we African people need to rethink..and the concept of African time is 1, I know it's cool and an "inside joke" among ourselves to say so "are you getting there africa time?" but in all seriousness if we want to have an effective professional , economic system..those little thangs such as time that we don't take seriously
are the little thangs that could lead us toward the betterment of our continent...
believe it or not..and it start with you, me us..all of us...it's something I really need to work on...and now that it's all out in my bloggie...
I guess I have no more excuses.....

Let's use time wisely instead of letting time use us!!
Eyee Wayee:)

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Fa Sy said...

U just dont know how right you are and in affects all of us. I hate waiting for someone and then they arrive an hour late with a big smile on their faces and don't even apologize. But I guess, being African, I kinda know what to expect from my African peeps and therefore I dont really get too offended by it since I kinda understand n can relate to their easy go lucky life :)