Tuesday, June 12, 2007


**"Buy u a drink..I'm take you home w/me"
Love It...Akon's Artist

I love this painting...perfect illustration 2 this post!

The Green Tea

Nice...drink in style my people!

Ataya...Ataya....lol my DKR people will know..
In Senegal we call the art of drinking tea "nane ataya"....
it's actually a whole social ritual lead most of the time by men.
In Dkr , Bamako I know for sure most men sit under the shade of a tree with their friends while 1 of their buddies make the tea..The "African tea ceremony" is divided in 3 stages,
the first cup is a little bit more blend and pretty strong, the 2nd a little less, and the 3rd 1 a bit more sugary....
Even though we import our green tea from Asia where it originated, drinking tea is very frequent in Africa.

For those of you who may not, it's been proven that GREEN TEA...helps prevent:

-High Cholesterol Levels
-it helps with tooth decays
-For those of you just like me fighting the xtra pounds , it helps raise your metabolism
-It also helps treat multiple scelorosis
If you are like me u kinda wonder why,right? well because the leaves are actually steamed, therefore they keep which help preserve the natural ingredients***ah ok..make sense...

Anywhoo I'm not going to get into a technical presentation, but I thought that you needed to be reminded of the medical benefits of green tea.

For you tea-lovers, a great site:

Djaa we African People Care Greatly about our Health:)
Eyee Wayee:)

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