Wednesday, June 27, 2007


De vrai petit Senegalais ...standing straight & polite

Ovie M. at the BET Awards

Little boy is huggin Beyonce like no tomorrow..

Ovie again getting his free gifts on'

It was a pretty good show I thought, Monique (black American comedian) did her thang reppin for the big girls..I loved the Erikah Badhu performance's i wasn't aware that she could sing that well, I mean I knew that she was a good singer but I didn't know she had so much soul 2 her. Beyonce of course, her body was on point tieuyeeeee...
Kelly and my gal Eve (trop saffe la fille) performed my fav' song of the moment....
"Told you I was gonna do it like this"...that 's my track...oh I'm lying my fav' track is "Buy you a drink" by T that track..actually T Pain looked kinda cute yesterday...the tribute to Gerald Levert brought tears to my eyes...

Fifty cents was a mess and didn't get no play..and I'm glad....goes to show that being arrogant may pay off in the short run but not always in the long run.
My girl Ciarra is starting to look scary , she's my boo but she needs to stop w/the weight traininng..

Aight so Mr. Akon Thiam was there, and I was glad 2 see him reppin for us, he seemed a bit more quiet than usual...w/his cute kids. I never addressed the whole brouhaha that followed his crazy antics, but I wanna say that Akon it is your duty to uplift us African people..

How many African people were present there that we know off? maybe 1 or brotha you know keep your hormones and your temper in check, you have great talent and potential live up to it..somewhere in Africa, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, even strangers are looking up to you to see BIG keep that in mind..we know Hollywood , money is tempting, women are dangerous but boo keep your head up and stay focused..Allah gave you this gift for you to use it wisely...

Everybody makes mistakes :)
Eyyeeeeee Wayeee:)


CHIC NOIR said...

What did Akon's little boys have relaxers in their hair.

Fa Sy said...

Waow, BET awards :( missed it! I was watching Sanex on the other side of the world :)