Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Ousmane Sembene 1923-2007

His First Movie Borom Sarret

Joe Ouakam Paying Respect!

The Director Clarence Delgado in tears

The Director Thierno Fatty Sow overcame by the emotions

June 12th 2007

Youssou N'dour!

Les Bouts de Bois De Dieu

In 2004, Prize of the Jury of Marrakesh!


I will not even attempt to say that I will do Mr. Ousmane Sembene justice by writting about the complexity of his life..NO!!!..
I will leave it up to the "orators"2 do so...but as African student, his influence remains a bit in my life .

I can't help but remenber the great enthusiasm that my French Litterature Professor tried to convey to us bored students at the time (Hello Mr. Kane..)..however even if the whole book "Les Bouts de Bois de Dieu" (1 of his most critical work ) stayed with me a bit, his vivid descriptions of the scenes during the strike.come to mind..(I need to re-read this book actually)...

Besides that, the respect that contemporary African movie directors and writters show towards himis trully contagious and admirable.

The man was born in Ziguinchor in a family of fisherman, after a "turbulent" stay in a french high school which ended quicky after he slapped the principal (yes early on he had a very strong personality) he moved to dkr where he had odd jobs here in there..!!

During World War II, he fought side to side w/the French Army who as we all know it, never show their gratitude to the African, Arabic populations who fought for as they call it "France ma Patrie".

When the war was over he stayed in Paris and worked in an automobile factory where he joined the workers union.
He wrote many books ; "Le Docker Noir", "O Pays Mon Beau Peuple", "Les Bouts de bois de Dieu" of course, Xala, Le Dernier de L'Empire.etc.

In most of litterary work he deals w/ African society issues (male impotence, marriage...etc), the opression by the White Colonial Goverment / former colonies, the social jail in which those former soldiers find themselves in btw/modernism & tradionalism....

As 1 movie director, he's THE MOVIE DIRECTOR.. ,
His first movie in 1966"Borom Sarret" was the first ever movie directed in Sub-Saharian Africa..followed by other success such as Xala, and the infamous "Le Camp de Thiaroye", "Moolaade"...etc....!!!

I would say if you were to remenber Mr. Sembene ..remenber that he never compromised himself even when his movie Ceddoo was banned because of his anti-Muslim statements ..he didn't compromise!!

He fought against post -colonialism oppresion...and for us AFRICAN PEOPLE TO BE RESPECTED!

If you wanna know more about him:
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Rest in Peace Mr. Ousmane Sembene


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