Monday, June 25, 2007


** Do u remenber "Twisted"

Love the shoes, work well w/the outfit

Naomi reppin for Africa

Courtney Cox and hubby reppin for Africa...ok??!!

Maybe all these people are trully sincere...but I don't know I'm not 100% convinced opinon!

I guess one could say that supporting Africa is becoming a cool thang to do, well even though I'm being a bit sarcastisc , it's a good thang for us if those funds are being well allocated.

My NY Ladizz may be familiar w/the store SCOOP (trendy & $$ clothing store) well the owner launched a new line called Omnipeace with the African map designed on it.

Several celebrities such as "LA CAMPBELL" or Courtney Cox, helped launched the line...

I will not be sceptical...but ..I'm just saying

Oh and by the way I miss y'all, my office has been relocating so I haven't had the chance to writte but I am here to stay, thanks for your patiente:)

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beautyinbaltimore said...

Nene's(NC) body is killer.