Thursday, June 28, 2007


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Strawberries yummy and so healthy

Banana banako..banana banakoko

Apple Bottoms..:)

Love me so great avocado on a bed of lettuce..mmm!

If you are like me , you probably played w/the idea of natural products, natural food ect...but I've ner taken it seriously..ok I'm not trying to turn into MISS EARTH you know I but wanna learn how to take care of myself better and there have 2 be a
great natural approach to it, products that we can find in my African continent or elsewhere...
So get ready, get your pocket change and let's go to the market:

* yummy (I'm full of shitt hun lol) anyways aight so ladizz u know when u don't have enuff money to go sephora shopping ...
just mix 1/2 cup of strawberries w/some delicious sour cream (mmm!) and use it as a facial weekly...I said weekly not every day...on se connait !!

Also, if you wann get read of facial pimples, mix for example 1 tea-spoon of strawberry juice to 1 egg yolk and put it on ur face...
*Avocado..the oil of avocado is actually excellent for the skin because it nourishes your skin if you wanna have beautiful shinny skins maybe you should look into investing in some avocado oil or soaps. At my part time gig @ Crabtree & Evelyn we sell some excellent avocado soap..excellent for the skin.

For those of you who are crazy about the treatment of your hair, it's advised to use it before washing your hair it gives it xtra -shine...hun who would have thought?!!

*Chili Pepper yes le piment ..aight when you feel congested you could i don't wanna say eat pepper but what you gotta do but it's helpful for also does wonder to people suffering from arthiris...
*Banana banako Alpha Blondy's song..Djaa banana is actually excellent for us.... so in case you run our of strawberries, mash some bananas and rub it against your skin for aprox'15 minutes...
same thing with your hair except that u can mix it w a few drops of honey.
It's also wonderful to prevent ulcers & strokes. For the preggers mamas, it supos' is a great remedy to morning sicknesses...hun interesting! For those of you, who party too hard, it's great for hangovers,drink it as a milkshake...And for people like me who hateeeee heartburns , it has soothing come on now grab a banana!!

* Apples...first of all it's a great snack for those trying to lose weight, it also prevents nasty's also excellent for let's go apples!!

*Tomatoes are excellent to fight and prevent cancer...
Anywhoo there are so many more products and benefits that I could talk about , but I'll stop here today , you already have a lot of homework and food-shopping to do

A wonderful webbie about the pluses of eating healthy & organic food!

Djaaa we need to take care of ourselves better (coming from the cake queen lol):)
Eyee Wayee:)

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Fa Sy said...

Love this post. Very informative. But guess what? chui trop gourmande, id rather eat my strawberries than put them on my face lool. So instead of having a healthy skin, i end up having a healthy stomach. I love eating mannnn. But talking about natural, I will go n get me some Karite fresh from Mali :)