Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Netsayi is known to be a great live performer..her music is folky, deep, w/a lot of soul.. She was born in London during the Chimurenga which forced her parents to move 2 London... At the end of apartheid, she moved back to Harare where she was influenced by local sounds of reggae,traditional songs w/a touch of soul...I love how she describes her music which she calls "Chimerunga Soul" I get it!! Chimerunga does explain why her music is so saddish to me...tainted by the suffering of her people...she sings in Shona and English.. She counts Thomas Mapfumo as 1 major influence...I love his music as well! Going back 2 today, Netsay performs all around the world..

She's currently touring in Europe & the UK..check out her webbie, if you would 2 know more about the sista..
I also read warm coments written by some of her fans, who thank & congratulate her for her great live performances..make me wanna see her 1 day....:)
She studied and worked in the film industry in South Africa befor
e focusing solely on her music....
Anywhoo if interested here's her Webbie:
Here's an interview:
She got me interested in learning more about black & white relationships in Zimbabwe, here's a little clip :

Djaa my ladies from Zimbabwe sont dedans aussi:)
Eyeee Wayeeee:)


Mujabitsi said...

Je suis gabonais et j'aime bcp ton blog.

shop liquorice said...

listening to 'hondo' right now and it's incredible. thanks :) as always!