Friday, May 23, 2008


Regard sur les foyers
That's us smiling no matter what...!!:)

Aissetou is half Bissau and half Vietnamese...As a kind
she's always had an eye for images, ligh
t, pictures... As an adult, she founded the artistic collectif Diaph 1 Kat w/director Jean Loup Carrenard ,it's a place for visual artists to share and promote some type of universal artistic unity promoting minorities in France... They did a doc called "Regard sur les foyers", it's a doc that in some ways reconcilied Aissatou w/her origins, her dad was an immigrant from Guinea Bissau that had to stay in one those foyers @ his beg in France ... Being that her parents are immigrants, Aissetou is always asking herself questions about her identity...her work serves as a therapy in some ways..she explores the question of identity.... She also works w/various magazines and internet sites, she takes photos @ music, theatre events as well...Aissetou's work is always in progress...

Here's her webbie:
Djaa my sistas from Guinea Bissau are more fiyaa:)

Eyeee Wayeee:)

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guerreiranigeriana said...

very interesting...going to check out her website...